Top Reasons Why Losing Weight Leads to a Happier Life

Jennifer Hudson, Oprah Winfrey and Alec Baldwin have one thing in common: all of them went through weight loss stages at some point in their lives. World Health Organization notes that in the year 2016, more than 1.9 billion individuals globally were overweight and obese. Being obese or overweight poses more risk to more aspects in your life than you would think, such as your health, self-esteem, happiness levels, social life and career.  Shedding off some weight comes with many benefits beyond rocking in that dream dress you’ve always wanted to wear. Here are some of the top reasons why we think losing weight is beneficial.

  1. Healthier life

Apart from the all the aesthetic advantages that come with having a fit body, health is another crucial factor. Individuals who are overweight are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. This is the reason why most doctors recommend daily exercise, and adopting a new diet plan to such people to help them lose weight and avoid the risks associated with these diseases.

Losing weight will save you the stress of being in medications constantly, and many studies have shown that being healthy and fit can lead us to live a longer and happier life. Exercising is known to reduce cholesterol levels, help you get better sleep and reducing the risks of having back pain. It has also been suggested that frequent exercise can prevent some types of cancer.

  1. Improving your self-esteem

How we look influences how other people view and treat us. And accordingly, many people are influenced by how others perceive them. Recent studies indicate that overweight or obese teenagers have lower self-esteem than their non-obese counterparts. In this ‘going slim’ era, overweight people may feel alienated, rejected and withdrawn. In turn, they may stay away from social activities and open heartedly pursuing their dreams. As a result, they suffer silently from psychological disorders like anxiety, depression and eating disorders such as bulimia.

Losing some weight and getting that fit body boosts self-esteem, which ultimately improves your self-development as you discover your capabilities to perform many things with your new body. You will feel much more motivated to get things done and you will learn to appreciate yourself and the people around you more.

  1. Fitting in your favorite clothes

Our clothes are our main tools for expressing our unique personalities. The inability to fit in your dream dress or a pair of jeans while shopping can be a great disappointment to most. It provides a reality check that you need to lose some pounds.  Losing weight enables you fit well in all the designs of the attires you wish for the new elegant look.

The moment you start seeing these results and you start rocking your dream clothes will help you have even more ambition and motivation towards achieving your goals. It might not seem like a huge thing, but trust me, a lot of the people who’ve successfully lost weight report this to be one of their main achievements.

  1. Achieving your dream career

Nothing is as fulfilling as getting that dream job you’ve always wanted. Recently, the European Union decreed that ‘obesity could constitute a workplace disability.’ This implies that being overweight can hold you back as you strive to climb your career ladder. Also, research suggests that obese individuals have fewer chances of being hired in certain sectors than their slim counterparts. Being fit and healthy is a plus during job interviews because it indicates that you are discipline and care for your body. It also influences your confidence which is directly linked to your impression and productivity at work.

  1. Boosting sex drive

Your intimate life needs to be exciting. Overweight people may feel that they are sexually unattractive to their partners hence they can be shy or insecure while being naked. According to Obesity Action Coalition medical expertise, obese men may have lower testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction leading to sexual dissatisfaction. This lowers their confidence levels and as a result they suffer from stigma.

Women with more fat accumulation in their belly secrete high levels of the stress hormone called cortisol which adversely affects the sexual arousal process. Studies have shown that slimming skyrockets your sexual desires, testosterone levels in men and vaginal lubrication in women leading to an enhanced sexual life.

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