How Health and Fitness Tips Made Me a Better Person


Being healthy and fit is entirely based on your decision. Self-perception, lifestyle and the diet choices plays a bigger role in determining who we are today. Back in the days, I used to be uncomfortable around my friends and even though they didn’t say a word, I always thought I was plump. Consequently, I developed a low self-esteem, felt dejected and turned to junk food for comfort. However, my life took a positive turn after attending a ‘Stay healthy and fit’ forum held in our town.

Here are health and fitness tips I learnt that made a better and happier:

  1. Self-perception

Nothing works miracles than your self-perception. Your mind is the mental gym which influences the person you are. During my workout sessions, I used to complain to my gym instructor that I wasn’t losing weight like my gym colleagues especially around my waist and tummy even after all the strenuous exercises I engaged in. All he did was smile back and urge me on.  His wise words made me realise one‘s mindset is an essential ingredient during fitness.

  1. Exercise

Engaging in physical activities makes you more relaxed, improves your mood and strengthens your body. These exercises should not be necessarily strenuous but can be as simple as strolling, jogging, or dancing. Choose an exercise you are fond of and stick to its schedule faithfully.

  1. Adopt a healthy diet

Foods rich with nutrients are important for the normal functioning of your body. Ensure that you diet has all nutrients ranging from proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables and fruits are abundant in vitamins and minerals. Avoid grilled red meat as this predisposes one to ailments like gout if taken in excess.  Opt for white meat such as chicken meat, fish and pork. Furthermore, opt for whole grain bread than white bread and use of vegetable oils when cooking. Also, inculcating the use of herbs as ginger or cloves, spices and green tea help boost immunity and prevent disease occurrence.

  1. Get enough sleep

Having the recommended 8 hours of sleep is vital for your growth, state of mind and immune system. Inadequate sleep leads to detrimental health effects like bad moods, dizziness which eventually affects the quality of your work.

  1. Avoid junk and sugary foods

Foods like fries, cupcakes are unhealthy as they contain high levels of sugar and fats. Continuous consumption of these foods puts you at risk of developing hypertension, stroke, atherosclerosis and type II diabetes.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water not only makes you satiated but it also reduces the tendency of taking beverages which are sugary. Set a goal of drinking eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated and keep your skin moist.

  1. Avoid overeating

Eat only when you are hungry. Excessive eating puts strain on the digestion process. The body views the excess foods as ‘wastes’ thus have no role to play but to be eliminated faster. Additionally, it increases the levels of sodium, saturated fats which may probably culminate in blood pressure and heart diseases respectively.

  1. Take a break

Taking time off from work benefits you. It makes you appreciate people and the environment around you. This helps you develop the virtue of gratitude to these little moments life gives you.

Sticking to these tips has enabled me to have a high self-esteem, discipline and appreciative.  Being healthy and fit is a personal choice I made and it has made me a happier and more successful individual.

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