The secrets for a perfect New Year’s makeup

New Year’s Eve parties come with beautiful evening dresses and of course a glittery makeup. How can you be sure of a successful make-up for the end of the year party without exaggerating?


Highlight your features, hide your imperfections, emphasize your eyes or smile. Discover the beauty tips for a makeup like a book, which lasts even at night!


Moisturize your skin

Just like in your daily routine, do not forget to moisturize your skin, which will last until the early hours of the morning. It hydrates the skin well and avoids products that thicken your skin too much.


Reduce the signs of fatigue

You wouldn’t like to look exhausted before the party starts, right? A fresh air will give you a great look on your face. Gently apply a cream with a smoothing massage. Stretch your palms from the chin to the temples going up the jaw, then from the nose to the temples and from the eyebrows to the hairline. Moisturize your skin well, and in the eye area you must apply an anti-dandruff. Complete with a apricot or raspberry blush and make sure your lips are always moisturized. Do not hesitate to make small changes during the evening. Use a golden powder to reduce the palate that accentuates your fatigue.


Hide your imperfections

We always tend to focus on our little imperfections. A small basket that goes unnoticed by your friends can quickly turn into a nightmare when you go to the New Year’s Eve party. To avoid looking in the mirror for 5 to 5 minutes, camouflage those imperfections well. Apply a thin layer of foundation that covers the entire face and completes the camouflage with a concealer on the problem areas.


Choose your lipstick well

Has the red on your lips already disappeared after the first glass of champagne? The resistance of lipsticks differs depending on the brand and composition, but there are still some tricks that make it possible to fix the pigment on the lips longer. The first step is moisturizing and exfoliating the lips. And then, to optimize the resistance of the lipstick, start to brush the lips with a matte pencil, the whole interior of the lips, not just the contour. For a volume effect of the lips, use an illuminator and then apply the lipstick carefully. For the holidays, opt for a bright red with satin or even glossy texture to create a flash of light on the face. This makes it possible to eclipse all other small imperfections.


Highlight your eyes

Apply products from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Don’t be too harsh, simply tap the tip of your index finger to avoid marking the fine lines. Also, you can apply an eye shadow primer to reduce redness. After the primer, apply a darker color on the outside of the eye and in the hollow of the eyelid, in the form of banana. Add a pencil line near the eyelashes in black, brown, anthracite or plum. If necessary, fill in any remaining spots with a pencil and brush them. For a special night like New Year’s Eve, always use water-resistant mascara. If your eyes do not support waterproof makeup, first apply a classic coat of mascara, then apply a second coat of waterproof mascara just on the tips of your eyelashes.

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