Dental fracture. What to do when a tooth fracture?

Dental fracture is a common problem. Breaking a tooth is an unpleasant event that often takes us by surprise. This is why it’s always recommended to urgently request a dentist appointment to solve this problem.


Although the enamel covering the teeth is the toughest and most mineralized tissue in the body, its strength has limits. This is how the dental fracture occurs. Falling, getting hit in the facial area or simply chewing a tough food – especially if a tooth is already cracked – can cause fracture. Orthodontist specialists say that this is not a cause for panic. Nowadays we have various methods at hand to quickly resolve such a situation.


Depending on its severity, here are some methods of treatment that can be recommended:


Canal treatment for dental fracture

Canal treatment involves removing the nerve if it has been affected. Get a channel filling and then fill the coronary for restoring the natural contour of the tooth.


If the damage of a tooth is large enough to expose the pulp – the center of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels – the bacteria in the mouth can penetrate there producing an infection. If the tooth is damaged, it changes color or is sensitive to heat, the pulp is likely to be affected, and delaying the treatment will result in its loss. Canal treatment involves removing the dead pulp, cleaning the root of the canal and then sealing it. In most cases, the remaining tooth should be covered with a crown.


Tooth facets can repair dental fracture

Dental facets are used when the patient doesn’t lack a lot of enema, and they work wonders for restoring the integrity of the contour and shape of the front teeth.


The dental facet is especially recommended if a front tooth is torn or scratched, in order to give it a healthy appearance. This is a thin sleeve covering it with a thicker section that replaces the broken or weakened part of the treated tooth. Its application involves easy grinding of the tooth so that the facet does not look more bulky than the neighboring teeth.


Dental crown

This is necessary when the tooth is left with too little tissue and is very fractured. In this situation it is recommended to cover the tooth with a dental crown and, most of the times, to anchor a metal or a glass fiber pillar to the root.


Dental implant for when the tooth cannot be saved

The dental implant is needed in situations when the tooth cannot be saved. In those cases, the healthiest solution for dental fracture is to replace it with a dental implant (even if the procedure requires more time).


Thus, regardless of the cause of the dental fracture, the good news is that your dentist will have the solution to restore your smile and dental functionality. In addition, unless this problem occurs as a result of an accident, there are several methods of prevention: avoiding extremely harsh foods (such as ice, uncooked popcorn grains, etc.), stopping the habits that can damage teeth, such as gnashing our teeth, as well as wearing a mouth guard while practicing sports that can be dangerous.

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