The universal, multi-purpose product developed by JEUNESSE

The famous BB Foundation lotion is based on the integration of more than on cosmetic technology into a single product. This is a multipurpose lotion, that can easily replace cosmetics such as moisturizing cream or sunscreen.

The lotion works as both a skin care cream and a beauty product at the same time. It is also known to make the skin fresher and brighter, while helping to cover the wide pores and dark circles. This technology has gained integrational fame, because it plays a great role on the skin, as it ensures that the skin results in the use of the following creams: sun protection cream, primer cream, foundation cream, color cream and concealment cream. BB creams are therefore high fame.

JEUNESSE, a revolutionary cosmetic company that always promotes youth and vitality, designed a lotion and essential moisturizer for the skin with the exclusive ATP-200 technology that gives you a stunning, refreshing look enhancing a youthful aspect of the skin.

This revolutionary product, called NV, is a spray-shaped bottle that comes in 3 options: a skin perfecting primer, bronzer, and a foundation spray. The lotion also contains vitamins that will help moisturize the skin.

  • The NV Primer, is based on filling fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to expand the work of NV basis on the skin. Comes in 9 different shades to match your skin tone.
  • The NV BB foundation gives you an integrated look for your skin, which is fast and easy to apply to the skin.
  • The NV Bronzer is designed to complete your beautiful looks and give you the glow you need.

The benefits of using NV

Using this revolutionary product from JEUNESSE comes with plenty of benefits. A few of them are:

  • Maintaining a uniform skin color, hiding any possible flaws
  • Protecting your skin from sunlight
  • Offering your skin the nutrients it needs
  • Successfully combating aging effects

How to use – important tips

  1. Shake the bottle for 5 seconds
  2. Close your eyes and spray the lotion on your face, from about 8 inches.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds before blending the lotion with a sponge

Before starting, make sure that you clean your skin properly. It is recommended to wrap your hair away from your face when applying the lotion. Make sure your skin doesn’t look wet – if it does, it means you’re spraying from too close.

In order to remove the lotion, either use water and soap, or makeup remover and wipes.

For more information about this product, how to get it, pricing, as well as other revolutionary products from JEUNESSE, visit the following link:

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