How to Stay Healthy After 50

Getting older does surely not mean giving up a healthy and active lifestyle, so going for a run in the morning or going to the gym should be part of your routine both as a necessity and as a hobby even after the age of 50.

The secrets to staying healthy

Eats healthy fats. Of course, we all know that saturated fats are not at all suitable for the heart’s health. In addition, they can affect your memory, so try to reduce red meat, butter and other similar foods. They can be easily replaced with fish and plant fat, but also nuts and flaxseeds. Healthy fats bring extra benefits to the health of the heart and brain.

Search company. Since the kids have moved, the house seems more empty, right? But did you consider adopting a pet? People who have dogs or cats have a low cholesterol level and a lower risk for heart disease. It is not known exactly how the simple presence of animals can help, but if you have a dog, you are certainly more active because you have to take it out twice a day.

Protect your joints. Being older does not mean giving up the morning run. People have the impression that running can cause knee injury, but research shows that this physical activity only makes the knees stronger. Even if you suffer from arthritis, it does not mean you have to give up physical activity. Instead, you can opt for low-impact activities such as walking or cycling, so you can strengthen your muscles, take care of your joints, and get rid of any pains.

Keep learning. Surprise yourself. Instead of being content with everything that is familiar and comfortable, try to learn something new. Go to new places, make new friends, learn to play a musical instrument or, why not, learn a new language. New experiences will open new paths in your brain and keep your mind healthy once you get older.

Eliminate sodium. If blood pressure is higher than usual, this is not necessarily something to worry about. It tends to get higher as we get older, and one of the ways that can help is removing salt from the diet. The most unhealthy and exposed source of salt lies in packaged foods and even in bread. Natural remedy? Consume bananas. Potassium helps to relieve the effects of sodium and lowers tension.

Eliminates the risk of Alzheimer’s. If you want to maintain a sharp mind even after aging, you need to move. Regular exercise can halve the problems you can have once you get older, and that’s because it helps the blood flow to the brain, but above all, it helps to grow new cells. Just 30 minutes of walking, cycling or even gardening, for five days a week, can make a difference.

Change your lifestyle. Even though you might not have had the healthiest habits around the age of 30-40 years, did not eat healthy or did not do enough exercise, it is not at all late to start making a change in your life. Do more exercise, eat healthier and so you can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer or bone fractures. And why not, you can be even healthier than you were when you were 30 years old.

Make smart choices regarding eating. With the aging process, the metabolism slows down and you need fewer calories. Consume those that are really important, specifically those that have the nutrients you need. Consume vegetables, fruits and vegetables, more low fat dairy to get calcium for your bones, and vitamin B12 cereals.

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