Clay, a secret for eternal beauty

Nowadays, everybody has heard of clay, especially of its many benefits in facial masks and treatments. It is extremely rich in minerals, and it has a miraculous effect on your skin, helping in its regeneration and slowing down the aging process.

It is important to remind ourselves more often what amazing benefits we can receive from clay – and not only facial masks. Today we are happy to discover more about this ingredient, together with you. Let’s jump right to it!

Clay makes for a perfect scrub

Are black spots on your skin causing you trouble? Try a natural-clay treatment. It has a huge absorption capacity and it is extremely efficient in taking away the impurities from black spots. Clay is ideal for profoundly cleansing our facial skin, and also for the treating of acne.

Hydrating the skin extremely well

The natural minerals found in clay can feed your skin in a very efficient way. Apply a natural mask of clay and water every week, and leave it on your face for a few minutes. Afterwards, rinse it with warm water.

You will find that your skin will remain perfectly clean and extremely soft and smooth. Clay has many mineral salts, such as calcium, zinc, silicium and magnesium. It also contains many essential, nutritive substances, and fito-nutrients that play an important role in treating many skin conditions.

Keeping your skin soft and young

The older we get, so does our skin. Wrinkles start to show up, and our skin starts to lose its elasticity. A clay mask once a week will save you from the troubles of aging.

When we’re using clay as a mask, it has an astringent effect over our skin. This leads to the diminishing of wrinkles and even the finest lines. Clay’s minerals have “superpowers” which help the regeneration of skin cells and the restabilization of collagen.

Green clay, great wound-healing

This type of clay is rich in magnesium and calcium salts, and it is great for healing scar tissue. It is known to combat rheumatic and hemorrhoidal inflammations. If you have scars on your face, for example from acne, you should really consider a treatment with green clay.

White clay, recommended for stomach issues

This lesser known type of clay is rich in aluminum silicates and is usually prescribed in powder form. It is recommended for its healing effects on various infections. One of the most important benefits of white clay is that it is a great stomach pad. Furthermore, smectite, which is a double aluminum and magnesium silicate, prepared from white clay, destroys the microbes from the digestive tube. When dissolved in water, this powder has a long term anti-diarrheic effect, keeping your stomach clean of toxic substances.

Using clay water to detox the body and treat gastric affections

Nowadays, a modern recommended treatment for many kinds of gastric affections including gastroduodenitis and gastroduodenal ulcer is clay water. It is made by mixing a teaspoon of clay with a glass of water – the cleaner, the better. Leave it sit overnight without touching or moving it.

The cure takes approximately 12 days. Before every meal, drink the clean water from the glass, avoiding any sediments that show up on the bottom of the glass. This will provide you with a complete and profound detox for your organism, since clay does a great job eliminating toxins from our bodies.

The only known contraindications for clay water is for those suffering from kidney related issues, and pregnant women. We strongly recommend asking for a doctor’s opinion before trying this treatment.

Clay comes in many forms – white, yellow, red, grey and red. Depending on its type, clay can be the perfect treatment for a lot of affections. If you aren’t using it already, you really should consider starting to do so, immediately. Clay has been known to work wonders against aging, and it is the only substance that has no adverse effects. It has been successfully used throughout the ages for its remarkable therapeutic effects – it is no wonder that many specialists consider it a medicine of the future.

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