Energy Drinks from JEUNESSE – A Healthy Source of Energy

When we were young, it seemed that we could never run out of energy. Jumping around all day, without feeing fatigued, seems a far away story now. Our energy levels weaken with aging, especially in our times, when often a lot of movement and effort is required to secure living a good life.

Most energy drinks, sadly, contain much more sugar and caffeine than we should have – and it’s no longer a secret that this can significantly affect the health of our bodies and our minds.

The first energy drink was created in 1960 in Japan, by the Taisho Pharmaceuticals company. They weren’t sold as drinks initially, but rather as a medical stimulant to increase energy and focusing levels. Years later, companies began to reproduce these drinks and make them available to the public, and added more sugar to the composition to give it a better taste, while also increasing the caffeine levels, for more powerful results in term of energy. That was the turning point when energy drinks became available to everyone, and also, very unhealthy.

JEUNESSE, one of the world’s leading companies in the industry, has created a much better alternative to this – Nevo. This is an energy drink that combines real fruit juice, combined with natural caffeine sources. This makes it a smart choice for anyone looking for an effective, but healthy energy drink.

The more customers find out about the bad effects of traditional energy drinks, the more they’ll look to switch to something healthier. And this is exactly where the Nevo energy drink steps in. Including a combination of natural fruit pairs and other healthy ingredients that give you a boost, such as green tea and gurana, it has a lot less calories than most other brands out there. In addition to this, it contains a bunch of vitamins and minerals that give you lasting energy, through the many different flavors it features.

The Nevo energy drinks come in six different flavors: berries, grapes, peach, mango, lemon and ginger. What you’ll get is:

  • 50 calories per drink pack
  • A suitable amount of energy for your body
  • Vitamin C and B
  • No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

We’ve tested this product and believe that JEUNESSE has made choosing an energy drink very easy. There’s literally no point in going for other companies, unless you just want less energy and much more calories. No matter what your activity is or which season it is, Nevo is a great choice!

To find out more about JEUNESSE’s products and prices, visit the link

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