10 Tricks to Look 10 Years Younger

If we cannot do anything about chronological aging, we can still take the time to change the biological one. When it comes to youth, plastic surgery cannot solve everything. Here are some tips to help you!


  1. One orange per day

Eat an orange daily. It is true that “one apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but orange contains many antioxidants that prevent wrinkles. You need every day 75 mg of vitamin C, which you can find either in oranges, grapefruit or kiwi. Tomatoes, blueberries, broccoli and green tea are also rich in antioxidants.


  1. Exercise regularly

Whether it’s walking, aerobics or jogging, physical activity is extremely beneficial to the body. Exercise helps keep your weight under control, and according to a recent study, fit people seem younger. In addition, physical activity frees you from stress, improves your blood circulation, relaxes you, and lifts your mood.


  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking at least two liters of water per day helps keep your skin hydrated, and moisturized skin has a younger look. Water cleans the body of toxins and gives the skin a healthy look. Do not wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, because at that moment the body sends you signs that it is already dehydrated.


  1. Do not abuse the sun

Necessary to produce vitamin D, the sun helps absorb calcium and phosphorus. However, prolonged exposure causes your skin to age faster and can damage the retina, and it can also dry your skin and cause wrinkles to show up. Avoid sunbathing between 11:00 and 17:00 and use creams with sunscreen.


  1. Quit smoking

You’ve already heard that, of course! And if you can not easily give up this bad habit, keep in mind that smoking ages) the skin, accentuates wrinkles, and will make your teeth appear yellow. In addition, smoking your skin gets dry and loses its elasticity.


  1. Keep your weight under control


Besides the health risks asociated to it (diabetes, heart disease, hypertension), extra pounds can make you look older. As we get older, we get weaker because we make less physical effort and our metabolism slows down too.


  1. Cleanse your skin daily

The skin needs to be cleansed, both in the evening and in the morning, when the excess sebum accumulated during the night should be removed. Even if you do not wear make-up, you need to properly cleanse your skin, as dust and various impurities can irritate it.


  1. Be optimistic!

The psychological factor is very important in the aging process. Adopt an optimistic, positive attitude, learn to value your qualities, and try to always be sociable. Optimists are healthier, which helps them to be younger.


  1. Get enough sleep

You’ve probably heard of “beauty sleep”. A healthy 8 hour sleep per night can help your skin look much younger. If you get used to skipping sleeping hours, you’ll soon begin to have wrinkles.


10 Relieve stress

The state of tension can weaken the immune system, accentuating the aging process. Thus, some stressful events may even cause premature aging. You should always seek to relieve the stress through relaxation, sport, meditation or, why not, with the help of a pet!

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