Trying to fight bloating? Here’s what you should know!

We all know that the excessive accumulation of gas in the stomach, also called bloating, can become a troublesome and embarrassing problem. If you’ve been suffering from this, try the natural remedies that we’re going to discuss in this article. We’ve tried them, and they work great!

Stomach gases are usually caused by eating too quickly, speaking while we eat, certain foods such as beans, cabbage, but also some health problems (constipation, irritable bowel syndrome).

When not removed, the gases lead to bloating, which can cause discomfort and abdominal pain. In order not to get there, let’s discuss what natural remedies against bloating you can try. Doctors typically advise using carminative plants, that is, remedies that favor the elimination of intestinal gas.

Coriander can soothe spasms

When fighting intestinal gas pain, some of your biggest allies are coriander, fennel and marshmallow — renowned plants for their soothing of gastrointestinal spasms. The coriander infusion is made from a teaspoon of crushed fruit, added to 250 ml of boiling water. Drink the tea throughout a day.

Another similar recipe is preparing an infusion of half a teaspoon of fennel, mixed in 200 ml of hot water. Have a few sips after each meal.

Coal, an amazing remedy

Medicinal charcoal has a high absorption power, which makes it an effective remedy for eliminating intestinal gas. You can take 2-3 tablets per day, as needed. A good practice that some people do is taking one capsule before eating something which is known to cause gas issues, such as beans.


Be careful, however! Do not take medicinal charcoal in combination with other meds (it decreases their effectiveness). You should take the charcoal at least two hours apart from the other medicine.

Ginger prevents bloating

Ginger root has been known to stimulate the enzymes necessary for digestion, reduce stomach spasms and eliminate intestinal gas.

You can consume the plant both fresh (simply chew half a slice) and as tea (boil 10 g of ginger in 300 ml of water for ten minutes, and drink three cups a day), capsules or tincture (one teaspoon of tincture diluted in 100 ml of water, three times a day).

Daily exercise

Although many people don’t realize it, the lack of exercise is an extremely common cause of bloating. That’s why we must try to stay active every day, even if this means a simple walk around the park, or a light jogging session. By working out, we help our body release toxins, making us healthier. This also leads to reducing the sensation of bloating.

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