Infused water: myths, benefits and preparation methods

Infused water is becoming more and more popular, with many people starting to use it for both hydration and detoxification.


Infused water is flavored, being tastier than plain water, but it also does not contain calories, which means you do not sabotage your diet and your efforts to lose weight.


It is said, however, that infused water has beneficial properties such as: strengthening the immune system, eliminating toxins from the body, improving mood and more.


But experts believe that infused water contains too few nutrients to have all these beneficial effects.


Real benefits of infused water

The benefits of infused water are, in fact, the following:


It stimulates the elimination of extra pounds – this is because the infused water is tastier, so you will consume more. Hydration is already known to be extremely important in keeping your metabolism at a steady pace, which means that infused water will help you burn calories at an accelerated rate.


More than that, thirst is often mistaken for hunger, which means you often have a tendency to snack when you’re thirsty. By consuming regularly infused water you will be able to reduce your appetite.


Improves digestive health – hydration regulates intestinal transit, fighting constipation. But infused water is as beneficial for digestive health as normal water.


Myths about infused water

It has detoxifying properties – the body has its own detoxification systems, and the infused water has no effect on them.


It balances the pH of the organism – there is no concrete evidence in this regard.


How to prepare infused water

Lemon infused water – probably the most popular infused water is the lemon one. This combination became famous long before “infused water” was a trend. To prepare lemon-infused water simply fill a bowl with plain water, add a few slices of lemon, as well as a few ice cubes. If you want to enhance the flavor of this infused water, supplement it with a few fresh mint leaves, which you can crush before putting them in water, so that the aroma is released.


Ginger infused water – prepare this infused water by mixing a few slices of ginger, cut thin, into a jug of water. The advantage of this infused water is that it combats the feeling of nausea, as well as the motion sickness.


Cucumber infused water – put a few slices of cucumber in a jug of water, add ice cubes and serve water throughout the day. If you wish, you can add a few slices of lemon to enhance the flavor.


Berries infused water – fill a container with water, then add in a few berries cut in half – so that their aroma is released.


Infused water can be prepared with any fruit, vegetable or plant you want. It can be consumed throughout the day, in any quantity.


In shops, you can find a lot of kinds of containers designed especially for infused water, which allow you to enjoy its taste without having to strain it before consumption. Such a container can be kept in your bag so you don’t forget to consume water throughout the day.

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