5 benefits of using a face serum

Over time, the serum has evolved in complexity, so most of these products on the market serve other functions, such as anti-aging or as treatment for acne, hyperpigmentation, irritation, etc. What’s important to remember: Serum has a lighter formula, made up of smaller molecules, than moisturizer, so it can penetrate the skin better.


How do we choose a serum?

Before buying such a skin product, it is best to answer the question: what does my skin need? On the market, there are various products, with ingredients that ensure visible results, depending on the problems your skin is facing.


For example, to improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines, you can use a serum that does not contain water and activates the cell regeneration cycle. If you want to take care of the delicate area around the eyes, you can opt for a serum based on vegetable oils (grape seed, jojoba oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, plum oil) and essential oils: lavender and rosewood. The latter also have ingredients with a dermo-reparative effect, such as vitamin B5 and vitamin E.


If you need more hydration, then you should look for a serum with hyaluronic acid and intensely moisturizing ingredients, such as ceramides, vitamin E, fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 6).


If you want more light, you can focus on a serum containing alpha arbutin, niacinamide or vitamin C. If you want the serum to take the place of an anti-aging cream, you will want a retinol-based product, coenzyme Q10 or lipoic acid.


The instructions for use and the list of ingredients will help you make the right decision, especially since, nowadays, more and more cosmetic brands are going through explanations of the names of the ingredients in parentheses, in order to understand their role.


Once you have decided on a product, here are what improvements you can expect, even after a few weeks of use:


  1. You will have brighter and more hydrated skin

Regardless of what is promised on the packaging, the basic role of a serum is hydration. This is because the hydration obtained from the night cream is often insufficient. For this reason, the application of serum on moist skin is encouraged so that the hyaluronic acid in the composition retains water in the tissue. As most of us have dehydrated skin, sometimes without knowing it, a boost of hydration will speak its word. Thus, you will be able to notice, after only a day of using a serum, a radiant and well hydrated skin.


  1. You will no longer face skin problems

As we’ve already mentioned, serums are rich in active substances that can help solve certain skin problems. Clinical conditions, such as vulgar acne, cannot be cured with a serum, but the consistent use of such a product, which also contains active substances beneficial to the skin, can improve redness, irritation, excess sebum and surface pimples.


  1. Your wrinkles will fade

A serum rich in antioxidants and natural moisturizing factors will improve your skin’s appearance, but it will also work on wrinkles, creating a “filling” effect that will help you get a younger, brighter look. If you want more, you can opt for a retinol-based serum, a derivative of Vitamin A, whose anti-aging actions are proven. The essential condition is to “keep” yourself routinely, because the anti-aging results are not seen overnight, but in months.


  1. Sunburns will heal faster

Sunburn on the face is extremely unpleasant because the skin on the facial area is more sensitive. Therefore, it requiress special care, especially in case of minor burns. If, you happen to get a sunburn, you can rely on a moisturizing toner. The extremely gentle and moisturizing formula will greatly aid the skin in its recovery process.


  1. In the long run, you will spend less

It seems counterintuitive, because the introduction of a serum into the routine means an extra expense. In the long run, however, a well-chosen serum can replace other treatment or anti-aging creams, so you’ll stick with that serum plus a moisturizer.

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