Tricks that will make your tan last longer

How can you make the tan last longer? How can you make sure it lasts even after you come back from your vacation? Keep in mind these clever tips and you can enjoy your beautiful tan until autumn!

To make your tan last longer, the way you get it in the first place is very important. You need to use creams or sunscreen lotions to prevent your skin from becoming red, burned, or irritated. When going to the beach, make sure you have a SPF product in your bag.

Exfoliate your skin!

The first step in getting a uniform tan is to exfoliate your skin. This way, you will remove the dead cells, and the skin will be velvety and ready for the next steps you have to follow. Pay attention to the products you use, choose them according to your skin type. You’ll need delicate, specially designed products.

Use After Sun products.

Since you’re at the beach, we assume you know how important sunscreen products are, and that you are already using them. They will help you to get tanned evenly and healthily. We would, however, like to recommend you to also use After Sun products. They are designed to calm your skin or any irritation you might have gotten from the sun. It should be applied every day, after you’ve finished sunbathing.

Keep the tan longer by moisturizing your skin!

You just got home after a nice vacation, and you want your skin to stay smoothly tanned and keep its color for as long as possible. After every shower, in the morning and evening, use creams, lotions or moisturizing oils. Massage the skin delicately, and wait until your skin has absorbed the product.

Forget the long and hot baths in the tub.

The more your skin comes in contact with the hot water, the more it will soften and the tan will disappear faster. It’s recommended instead to take showers, with warm, or even cold water. They will give you energy and at the same time your beautifully tanned skin will keep its shade longer.

Having the right nutrition can greatly help.

In addition to external skin actions, beauty specialists also recommend moisturizing your body from inside as well – at least two liters of water, lemonades or natural fruit juices a day. Also, in order for the tan to last longer, you can consume foods rich in betacarotene such as tomatoes, carrots, red or yellow melon.

Stay away from waxing for a little while.

Maybe it’s not exactly the advice you’ve been waiting for, but if you want to keep your tan longer, for a short time after you get back from the seaside, stop waxing. Instead, you can choose other variants such as using epilation cream.

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