Top Reasons Why You Should Eat More Cranberries

Cranberries are fruits from the Ericaceae family that grow in small shrubs. They have a round shape, with a diameter of 0.5 – 0.6 cm, and their colors vary in different shades of blue, from light to very dark. They are tasty, having a pleasant sweet-sour taste and are also very healthy!

Let’s learn what some of their most awesome benefits are!

Cranberries are fruits with a low calorie and carbohydrates count, while containing lots of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin K. Generally speaking, wild berries are a rich source of fiber, which enhance the intestinal transit because of their potassium, iron, calcium, and various organic acids.

Undoubtedly, one of their most unique characteristics is their abundance in natural antioxidant pigments. In human nutrition, this kind of fruits represent one of the richest source of anthocyanins, provided by their natural pigment.

Preventing urinary infections

The antibacterials found in cranberry juice are extremely useful in preventing cystitis. The main component is hippuric acid, that raises urine acidity levels and doesn’t allow the formation of bacteria. The hippuric acid acts against some types of bacteria typically found in urine, and later eliminates them completely.

It is recommended to consume a glass of cranberry juice daily, to prevent urinary infections.

Powerful against bladder and kidney diseases

Cranberry juice creates acidity in urine, which helps eliminate the calcium oxalates and prevents the appearance of kidney stones, or aids in dissolving the already existing ones.

To protect yourself against these conditions, you should drink 3 cups of cranberry tea every day. Use 3 teaspoons of dry cranberries for 1l of water.

Can reduce eyesight issues

Cranberries are very reach in anthocyanin flavonoids. These are basically pigments that can be found in cranberry fruits and have an have an antioxidant function, which helps in the regeneration of lesions that happen inside the eye, through the action of free radicals. The activity of these flavonoids focuses on fixing nerve cells on the retina level, and the growth of the blood flux.

Curing digestive affections

Many people know that cranberries are a great solution to treating diarrhea, intestinal and gastrointestinal inflammations, and intestinal spasms. Cranberry juice has been reported to have a soothing effect on your intestinal tract. It is a very good solution for treating diarrhea, because of its antiseptic features.

Helping in the treatment of diabetes

Foods that contain cranberries are a good solution for the first stages of diabetes, or for the general issues that sugar can cause in the human body. We recommend consuming three tea cups daily, made from ½ spoon per 1 glass of water.

Cranberries are magical fruits, and they contain nutrients that are crucial to our wellbeing. Some research studies went as far as to show that they can successfully help cancer patients, demonstrating that it can slow the progression of tumors, having a beneficial impact on prostate, liver, and colon cancers.

These beautiful fruits have so much more benefits over our health, that we would honestly stand no chance if we were to try and summarize all of them in a single article. The conclusion here is that we should make sure to include them in our daily diets, no matter if it’s by eating them, or drinking cranberry juice or tea.

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