Tips for improving memory and focus at school and at work

After the holiday period, many children, students and even adults have difficulty adjusting to the lifestyle of studying and working, which permanently requires cognitive activity. Some changes in lifestyle can help us improve our attention, memory, concentration power and energy level, regardless of age.


Provide the necessary intake of Omega 3, an essential nutrient for the brain

In order to function in normal parameters, the human body needs optimal nourishment to provide the necessary nutrient intake. Omega 3 fatty acids are often neglected in favor of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, magnesium or calcium. The truth is, however, that Omega 3 fatty acids are a major component of neuronal cell membranes and affect multiple neurological processes. This is why it is essential to get a sufficient amount of Omega 3 from your diet and supplements.


DHA, the form of Omega 3 fatty acids most commonly present in the brain, accumulates especially in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex, areas associated with learning and memory processes. As a whole, DHA is involved in most of the essential neurological processes such as neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, the appearance of new neuronal synapses and fluidity in the membranes. In other words, Omega 3 DHA fatty acids favor both the development of the brain at young ages (children) and the maintenance of its health in adults. In the latter case, although the development according to age has ended, the brain retains its neuroplasticity, being constantly changing.


Quality sleep should be a habit

The sleep program is the part of our life that suffers the most, when the daily program becomes loaded. The number of hours dedicated to sleep are reduced, and this problem does not only occur in adults and children, but especially in adolescents and young students. The bedtime is often late, and in many cases people only get 5-6 hours of sleep.


We need to keep in mind that it is important to adapt our schedule to meet this essential need, just as we make time to eat healthy or take care of hygiene.


Control stress and fatigue with supplements

We have become accustomed to stress being a part of our lives, and we often do not feel it as an unpleasant state, but as a normal behavior. If our lifestyle involves sources of stress that are difficult to remove, or if it is difficult for us to cope with these times due to anxiety, food supplements with nutrients aimed at reducing stress and chronic fatigue can help.


In children between the ages of 13 and 14 years, dopamine secretion, the “happiness” hormone, can be stimulated, with the help of phosphatidylserine, a nutrient that also helps increase endurance. Gamma linoleic acid (GLA) reduces nervousness and impulsivity, increases the power of concentration and attention. Both nutrients are also recommended for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Ensure balance between work and relaxation

In order to stay active and healthy, our brain must have activity, be put to work and challenges daily. However, repetitive activities, loaded with an increased level of stress, such as in school or work, can lead to a state of fatigue that cancels the beneficial effects of intellectual activity.


Ideally, we should combine the intellectual effort of learning and problem solving with moments of relaxation, in which our brain can enjoy pleasurable and comforting activities. The advice is valid for both children and adults, who can rest not only through sleep, but also by reading, playing, dancing and music, solving a puzzle or participating in a society game. All of these activities involve concentration, attention and memory, but in a much more enjoyable way and without the pressure of an important exam or meeting.

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