These Miraculous Plants Can Do Wonders for Your Health

Feeling tired? Stressed? Moody? Unfortunately, the alarming rhythm of life usually tends to create such problems. One of the remedies nature offers us is through its miraculous plants. Let’s check out these amazing allies you can use to feel better in no time!


Probably the most famous and, perhaps, most effective spice-medicine. All parts of this plant are active, but the strongest are the cloves. The medical uses of garlic are so many that some specialists consider it a panacea. First of all, it is an antibiotic and a general antiseptic, excellent vermifug, a very good regulator of intestinal flora, antidiabetic, stimulant and regulator of body functions, prophylactic remedy of cancerous tumors and the “best friend” of the circulatory system.


Renowned as an aphrodisiac and as a general medicine, ginseng has been used for thousands of years by Korean and Chinese men, who have been able to procreate even at the age of 60-70! It is the plant with the most powerful rejuvenation effect and is a great supporter of hormonal flow. Indicated in cases of impotence, senility, debility, fatigue, convalescence.


Originally from North America, Echinacea has a powerful detoxifying effect and has been used extensively by American Indians. It is a natural antibiotic, cleanses the blood and the lymphatic system, catalyses the action of white cells and is the best ally for lung, influenza and viral diseases.


This small algae has a record age of over 500 million years. Spirulina contains up to 70% protein, of which much – up to 50% – can be easily assimilated by the human body. It is used successfully in athletes’ nutrition. Spirulina, along with breast milk, is the only natural product that contains gamalinoleic fatty acid.


The bark of the African yohimbe tree is the source of this powerful aphrodisiac. It is widely used in Africa for the strong erotic stimulation it produces, enhancing erection and stimulating vaginal fluids. It is advisable to be consumed with about 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C.

Muira puama

Also called “Potency Wood”, muira puama is a shrub growing in the Amazon jungle. In addition to the aphrodisiac effect, potency wood is also used in neuromuscular problems. It has analgesic, antioxidant, neuroasthenic and neuroprotective properties, and it has shown excellent results in the treatment of dyspepsia, paralysis, menstrual problems, and even flu.

Yerba mate

Yerba mate is a tree in South America. Swiss researchers have determined, after conducting various studies, that yerba mate brings great benefits to those who want to lose extra pounds. In addition, the plant can help patients suffering from Parkinson’s, can treat depression, hypertension, stimulate the heart, improve our memory and fight free radicals.

Aloe vera

Grows in arid areas of Africa, Europe, and Asia. Of the 240 species, 4 have medical values. Aloe gel is among the best natural skin care products. Aloe was heavily used in ancient Egypt, with Cleopatra even admitting that her beauty was greatly supported by this plant. It is also indicated in cases of fever, constipation, obesity, hepatitis, and for relieving menopause.

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