These are the Most Effective Teas Against Colds

Tea can be a priced ally in fighting against a cold, but the truth is that some teas are more effective than others in combating the symptoms of this common illness. Sore throat and nasal congestion have proven to be alleviated by some teas. So, by drinking certain teas, the cold will be milder and heal faster.


Consume these teas if you have a cold:

Herbal tea, sweetened with honey – prepare a tea from a mixture of herbs such as chamomile, mint and lime. Leave it to cool slightly, then sweeten it with natural honey. Herbal tea will not dehydrate you, as black tea does, and will soothe sore throats. Meanwhile, honey, which has soothing and antiseptic properties will not only relief the sore throat symptom, but also the coughing. It is recommended to consume at least 2-3 cups of this tea a day if you have a cold.


Echinacea tea – studies suggest that echinacea may support the immune system in the fight against the disease. A study by researchers at York College in Pennsylvania shows that echinacea tea consumed during the cold can shorten the duration of the disease.


Lemon tea – rich in vitamin C, lemon tea also boosts our immune system. However, if the lemon tea contains too much lemon juice, it may irritate the neck, accentuating the pain and coughing, so be careful.


Ginger tea – used for centuries to treat sore throat and nasal congestion, ginger tea can be very helpful in treating colds. It also combats gastrointestinal problems, which can help restore appetite.


Cinnamon Tea – the antioxidants in cinnamon tea can help your body in its fight against the cold. You have to be careful though, if the cinnamon is found in too high concentrations, it can cause irritation to the neck or mouth cavity.


Onion tea – if your cold is also manifested by aggressive, productive coughing, you can use onion tea to relieve this symptom. Due to its sulfur content, onion is an excellent weapon against upper respiratory tract infections.


To prepare onion tea you must boil 2 peeled onions in 0.5 liters of water. After 15-20 minutes of constantly refilling with water as it evaporates, let the tea cool down. Afterwards, you can sweeten it with honey and consume it. For a more pleasant taste, you can add a few ginger slices.


Besides consuming these teas, you can do other things to relieve the simptoms of the cold:

Consume lots of hot soups.

Take certain medicines – such as paracetamol, or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Sore throat sweets, as they stimulate saliva, which keeps the neck hydrated and reduces pain.

Get enough rest – When you are sick, it’s always best to take a few days off, during which rest is your priority.


If the symptoms do not improve in a few days, or you notice that they worsen, seek medical assistance. The family doctor will consult you and give you a correct diagnosis, depending on the manifestations of the illness. The treatment given at the doctor’s recommendation will most certainly improve the symptoms while at the same time reducing the risk of complications.

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