The Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Remedies

A lot of people try various natural medicine recipes to deal with a number of problems. From acne and prostate affections to depression and insomnia, the benefits of natural medicines have been tried and tested for centuries. In some cases, there are medical studies that support their use for a variety of issues. Before rushing to buy natural supplements, let’s take a close look at the benefits and disadvantages of these products.

Advantages of natural medicine

It’s quite difficult to outline every advantages and disadvantages of all types of natural remedies. While some of them are well tested and considered quite safe, others have potential negative side effects. And a few can even interact quite severely with other prescription drugs used for treating other diseases. Generally speaking, the most important advantages are:


The purchase of natural medicines is quite simple. From boutiques to drug stores, and even on the internet, you can easily find a natural remedy for any imaginable symptom. Natural products are also cheaper than normal drugs. Another advantage of natural medicines is that, in most cases, they can be bought without a prescription.


Herbal medicines are more effective than allopathic medicines for certain illnesses and conditions. And any possible side effects are typically much weaker than in the case of chemical drugs.

No chemicals

Herbal medicines, unless mixed with other ingredients during processing, are considered to be 100% natural. And in the world of chemicals that surround us, this is beginning to be a very appreciated quality.

Disadvantages of natural medicine

Like all alternative forms of health care, herbal medicines have several drawbacks. Here are some of them:

Unattended administration

The conditions in which these natural medicines are administered cannot be properly evaluated. In some cases, people take natural preparations to treat certain symptoms by themselves, but without knowing exactly what their real problem is. In such situations, a doctor’s advice is recommended.

Long treatment

Diets with herbal medicines and supplements can last for a long time, from a few months to a few years. And that requires a lot of patience, not even mentioning that in some cases, people are not even completely sure whether the treatment applies to their situation or not.

Side effects

Herbal medicines contain different ingredients and you have to be sure your body does not react negatively to them, and know if you are allergic to any of these compounds. Adverse reactions may not occur immediately. If you notice that a particular medicine is making you feel strange, it would be best to simply give it up.

The advantages and disadvantages of herbal medicines tend to weigh in favor of their use in most cases. And yet, before taking such a supplement, it’s good to know exactly what you’re taking, what are the expected effects, and if there are potential negative effects. These natural remedies can be very effective, but most of us aren’t experts. If you feel that something is wrong, it’s usually best to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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