How to soothe menstrual pains or cramps

Menstrual pain is something natural, that most women experience. Sometimes, it can get incredibly painful. Some women even end up vomiting, or having violent nausea. Physicians do not have an explanation for these pains and can not explain why some women have longer menstrual pains than others.

One of the most recommended remedies to fight menstrual pains is using Angelica root (also called Dong Quai). This herb is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine and it has been known to relieve the cramps caused by menstruation.

Corn silk tea is also very good for relieving menstrual pain due to its diuretic properties.

Hot water bottle on the tummy

A simple bottle can be very effective in fighting menstrual pain. It is important that you do not overheat the water — warm will do just fine. Place it on your tummy and relax. It will make the pain magically go away.

Massage with essential oils

Massage therapy is also very good in relieving pain, including menstrual cramps. Studies have shown that massaging certain points of the abdomen significantly reduces menstrual pain. But it is also very important to use essential oils —some of the best ones are lavender, marjoram, and salvia.

Drink water!

It may seem strange to you, but if you drink plenty of water each day, you help your body not retain liquid, and you will avoid bloating during that time of the month. Warm water is better than cold water, as warm liquids generally increase blood flow to the skin, which relaxes muscle cramps.

Do not forget about calcium supplements

These reduce muscle cramps. For women between 19 and 50 years old, 1000 mg of calcium per day is required. This quantity can also be naturally ingested from green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds and chia, or almonds.

No alcohol!

It is important to avoid fatty foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, caffeine and salty foods. Instead, try a mint, chamomile or anise tea, or hot water in which you have squeezed half a lemon. If you crave for something sweet, try sweet fruits like raspberries and strawberries.

Another remedy you can try is adding some grounded ginger in a glass of hot water. It alleviates cramps. Dill, added to any food, is also great for relieving menstrual pain.

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