Practice Yoga Daily for Mindfulness and a Happier Life – Our Expert Tips

The everyday practice of yoga at home is guaranteed to help you maintain good health and give you more productive energy, while providing you with the calmness, tranquility and happiness you need throughout the day.

The positive vibes that you will gain from Yoga will be radiant and felt by everyone else around you. As soon as you master the techniques you need to know, you can (and should) start exercising at home. We’ve gathered together some of the tips that we consider to be the most important here, in order for you to start a regular and healthy Yoga practice.

Choosing the Right Time

Most practitioners agree on the fact that the best time to practice Yoga is in the early morning, because your mind and body will keep the high positive energy levels with you throughout the day. If you are not able to do it in the morning, however, don’t make an excuse out of it; but rather choose a time that you consider appropriate for you, be it in the noon or even during the evening. Practicing Yoga later throughout the day is a great way to refresh your mind and the rest of your body from the stress you’ve accumulated.

Choosing the Right Place

It is best to have a small room in your home that you can dedicate to your Yoga practices. Over time, yoga creates positive vibrational energy in the room and will spread good vibes to you and anyone else at home. If you do not have your own room, though, you can use a quiet place in your home that has enough space so you could place your Yoga mat or carpet.

Try to make sure that you will not be disturbed by anyone while you are doing your exercise. Always make sure to keep the are you are using ventilated and, if possible, with as less furniture around you as possible.

Practicing on an Empty Stomach

For the best results, it is advised to do your Yoga exercises on a relatively empty stomach. Therefore, we recommend that you practice either early in the morning, or after about 3 hours after the last meal you’ve had.

Recommended Clothing for Exercising

Always try to wear comfortable clothes while practicing Yoga. Avoid wearing very tight clothing that may hinder you from doing some exercises that require muscle stretching. Remove any accessories that may bother you or get in the way such as wristwatches, rings or other jewelry. For women, it is advised to avoid having any makeup on throughout your practice, so that you allow your facial pores to breathe well.


You should always make sure to do warm-up exercises, as well as some light stretching before starting your routine or engaging in intensive Yoga exercises. This way your body will be more flexible throughout the routine, and avoid the risks of overstressing your muscles.

Family Yoga

Some people can get a little bored when exercising Yoga, or even regular fitness activities on their own. That’s why they say – “Everything is more fun when shared with others!”. This certainly applies to Yoga as well.

Try doing exercises with your family or friends, and you will see a huge difference in your motivation. Even if this is not possible and you must practice by yourself, though, you will notice that your motivation levels will be greatly driven up by the positive energies you get from practicing! That’s a promise!

The practice of Yoga is one of the best exercises to strengthen the health of your body and mind. Only a few minutes of practice every day will get you amazing results.

In the beginning, if you can, it is recommended to learn techniques from a certified Yoga teacher, this way you can know for sure that you are doing everything correctly.

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