How to look good even without makeup – tips and tricks for your skin

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There are situations where you have to give up on makeup. Moreover, it is now quite fashionable to follow the #nomakeup trend, at least from time to time. But how to still look good when not wearing your your skin products, blush and mascara?


Are you using sun protection?

Recently, this has been shown to be the most effective anti-aging product of all time. This is because ultraviolet radiation (UV) is the one that accelerates the aging process of the skin, favoring the appearance of wrinkles. Sun protection cream (SPF) will help you maintain a clean skin.


Are you using a scrub?

Most of the time, a scrub softens the skin so well that you don’t even need to use a foundation anymore. To achieve this effect, you need to do scrubs constantly, twice a week. You can also use a homemade exfoliating product – for example, a mixture of fine table salt and olive oil can remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and velvety.


Are your lips hydrated?

Consistently appying lip balm, several times a day, will help your lips be and appear healthy. Also, whether you’re wearing lipstick or not, you still need to hydrate your lips every now and then, or else they’ll begin to look dry.


Do you pluck your eyebrows often?

Carefully plucked eyebrows emphasize the harmony of your facial features. If you pluck and dye your eyebrows regularly, your face will always be outlined, whether or not you apply makeup.


Do you hydrate your skin every night?

A moisturized skin will always look better than a dehydrated skin. Invest in a quality moisturizing serum, which you should apply every night, before bedtime.


Staying hydrated is also very important, so it’s good to consume lots of liquids – water and green tea are some of the most recommended. Drinks such as sodas should be avoided, as excess sugar may favor skin disorders.


Are you taking dietary supplements?

Beginning with the age of 25, the production of collagen from the skin begins to decrease, and thus it loses its elasticity. There are, however, supplements based on collagen, biotin and vitamins such as vitamin E or C, which promise to stimulate collagen production, preventing aging of age-specific skin. If you have very dry skin, it is especially recommended to use such dietary supplements.


Do you treat your skin disorders?

If you suffer from acne or any kind of skin disorder, you might feel a bit shy when you do not use makeup. That’s why it’s very important to treat these conditions. The dermatologist will help you solve and issues you might have with your kin. Once you do that, you will find that you’ll sometimes want to simply not wear makeup!


Do you visit a beauty salon?

From time to time, take time for a skin care session at a beauty salon. The facial treatments will keep your skin beautiful and healthy, so it’s important for this to be part of your beauty routine.

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