How to correctly apply concealer

The eye area is the one that betrays the fatigue, our health state, the level of dehydration of ouor body, the pigmentation of the skin, the hormonal problems or the allergies, but especially our age.


Why do dark circles appear

The skin in this area is very fragile, sensitive and responsive to the general health of our body. Besides the cracked skin, which is specific to dehydration, another manifestation is the appearance of dark circles becaue of fatigue or various conditions of the internal organs.


The solutions that can combat these ugly circles around the eyes are: drinking enough water, proper use of eye contour cream and the correct use of cocealer.


Corrector shades and their use

The color of the concealer used is chosen depending on the color of the skin, as well as the problems we want to mask. Circles in shades of pink require a concealer in a different shade than those in shades of green.


The green concealer is used if the dark circles have red, pink pigments. The same concealer can be also applied on pimples or to the cheek area.


How else can you use the concealer in your beauty routine

The concealer can have several uses – here’s how you can use it in your daily beauty routine:


For blurring the red areas around the nose. However, these areas can be faded with a splash of concealer. You can also use a bit of foundation in order to keep the make up for as long as possible.


For masking imperfections. Pimples, scars and birthmarks can also be covered with a concealer. Choose the correct color of the concealer depending on the hue of the imperfections.


To correct the makeup. if you have stretched the mascara too much on the upper eyelid, you can apply a bit of concealer over, and the makeup will be again impeccable.


Mistakes you can make when applying a cocealer

Use your fingers when applying – your fingers can be helpful in applying the ccenaler , especially since they heat the product and make it easier to apply. But if you need to cover a larger area , it is advisable to use a special sponge or brush.


Not fixing your concealer with make up powder – more layers make the makeup more resistant. Therefore, it is very important that the concealer be covered with a good quality foundation, but the make up powder should also definitely not be neglected. It is advisable to use a translucent powder, which will keep the concealer in place or throughout the day.


Using it after the shelf-life is over – because the concealer is used in very small doses, it is possible to forget that it has a shelf-life and to use it after it expires.

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