Home remedies for obesity

Obesity is a disease of modern times that occurs at any age and denotes a metabolic imbalance in the sense of accumulation of excess fat. Throughout time, much has been written about this disease. Everyone knows what it is, how it appears and yet the number of obese people is constantly increasing.


The risk of becoming overweight depends primarily on nutrition. Flours, bread, cakes, jams and sweets, sweet sour drinks, come with a large intake of carbohydrates that easily turn into fat.


In addition to these dietary factors, there are endocrine disorders that lead to obesity (hypothyroidism, disorders of the adrenal function, pancreas) or genetic predisposition. In women, pregnancy can be an important factor in weight gain.


Treatment for obesity

The treatments vary according to age, sex or the degree of obesity. Physical exercises combined with diets, various treatments with medicines (hormones, homeopathic remedies), acupuncture are indicated, and in some cases, surgery.


It’s important to understand how we should be eating. First of all, it is recommended that we start with a consistent breakfast that will provide us with the caloric and energy needs at the beginning of the day. Raw fruits and vegetables are important. Hydration and daily movement, especially walking, are important in maintaining good muscle tone and body weight within normal limits.


A diet must be appropriate to everyone. The diet should not be a stress factor because otherwise, after its completion, the patient will likely gain weight again. Also, this dietary stress can cause secondary amenorrhea in women.


The treatment with homeopathic remedies is, also in the case of obesity, a strictly individualized one. Weight loss is achieved by improving digestion, metabolic activity and regulating the functioning of the endocrine glands.


Let’s talk about the most commonly used remedies and, very briefly, their clinical indications:


  1. Carbonic calcification is the remedy for obese people with fat deposits more pronounced in the middle area. These are patients with soft tissue, little developed muscles, and are constantly sweating. They tend to eat a lot and usually do not work out.


  1. Lycopodium is indicated in some overweight people suffering from hypothyroidism or those suffering from constipation and bloating due to gastric or hepatic dysfunction. It is indicated for people who have deposits especially on buttocks and thighs, individuals who crave for olives, sweets and hot drinks, and to those who wake up and eat at night.


  1. Ammonium Muriaticum can be prescribed to those with fat deposits on the body and buttocks, but with thin legs. They are usually temperamental people who get angry quickly.


  1. Ammonium carbonium is useful for those with heart problems and neurotic personality. These types of patients are usually depressed, and often suffer from nasal congestion.


  1. Natrium Muriaticum is indicated for overweight people who are extremely dissatisfied with their appearance and who sometimes even avoid social contacts for this reason. Regarding fat accumulation, they usually have a thin neck and many deposits around the abdomen, buttocks and thighs areas, including the legs. Usually, they consume a lot of liquids and are big lovers of salty products.

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