Essential Oils For Your Beauty Routine

When it comes to natural skin care, essential oils are without a doubt some of the most essential ingredients. Natural, non-fat oils extracted from plants and herbs can be used successfully for toning, treating acne, scars and blackspots, reducing wrinkles and signs of aging, all while giving your skin a healthy and lively glow.

In today’s article we will learn about some of the most important essential oils that you should include in your beauty routine. Start using them and enjoy these wonderful resources that nature has given us.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is often called “universal oil”, the “good-for-anything” oil that has no adverse effects – except, of course, when hybrid lavender or other artificial substitute is used. Pure lavender oil is quite difficult to find, and sometimes, product labels can be misleading.

Lavender oil is used to soften and soothe the skin, having extraordinary properties for treating burns and stains.

Jojoba oil

Commonly used in cosmetic treatments, jojoba oil is one of the most popular essential oils in terms of skin benefits. Jojoba can be used successfully for nourishing and hydrating your skin, removing makeup, treating various skin infections, such as acne, insect bites, fungal infections, bacteria, etc. In addition, it is successfully used in preventing and relieving certain diseases – eczema, psoriasis, rosacea.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil has been used for centuries for healing and regenerating the skin, while successfully combating the effects of aging. Padding of the skin with lemon oil is considered to be one of the fastest ways to get rid of acne.

Grapefruit oil

Although it is one of the lesser known citrus oils, grapefruit essential oil has anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic properties, and it tonifies and rejuvenates the skin. It is used successfully in treating acne, oily skin, cellulite.

Rosemary oil

Essential Rosemary Oil is used for skin care, toning and moisturizing. In addition, it helps combat wrinkles, reduce fine lines, cleanse acne and minimize the unpleasant appearance of broken varicose veins and capillaries.

Rosewood oil

Usually included in creams and lotions, rosewood oil is most effective in cellular stimulation and tissue regeneration, helping to rejuvenate extremely wrinkled skin. Rosewood oil can also be used successfully in treating dry, sensitive or inflamed skin.

Clove Oil

Cloves are rich in minerals – calcium, hydrochloric acid, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and vitamins A and C. In cosmetics, cloves oil is recommended in all kinds of skin care, especially in the treatment of acne. Essential clove oil can usually be found as an ingredient in cosmetic creams and lotions, soaps and perfumes.

 Macadamia oil

Containing a rich concentration of palmitoleic and oleic acida, macadamia oil prevents premature aging of the skin and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles. In addition, macadamia oil rejuvenates and helps maintain skin health, preventing various skin related conditions that can show up with aging.

Sage oil

With its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, sage oil can be used to prevent and treat various infections. Sage oil is often found as an ingredient in cosmetic treatments, being beneficial for treating scars and reducing stretch marks. However, direct application of this oil on the skin is not recommended! It should be diluted into other oils, creams or lotions.

How can you use these oils?

Essential oils can be used either internally or externally, depending on your needs. Generally, for skin disorders, pains, inconveniences caused by cold, strain and stress or digestive problems – bath oils, massages, compresses, aromatherapy can all be successfully used. Indigestion, inhalation, or mouth rinsing could also be used in cases of urinary infections, some kinds of mycoses, digestive spasms, or to get rid of bad breath.

Essential oils shouldn’t be used randomly. Always make sure to dilute and dose them with great care. Use small amounts, such as a few drops, because they are very concentrated. The box that the oil comes in will usually contain instructions on how to use it, and what the right dosage is.

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