The best natural remedies for toothache pain relief

Prior to the modern treatments, people were using various natural remedies to calm toothaches. Let’s check out some of the best natural alternatives and see how you can get rid of dental pain!

Of course, keep in mind that these remedies should be used as an emergency solution to relieve intense pain, but they will never replace a dental consultation. So you can safely use these natural remedies to alleviate toothache, but if you’ve noticed that the problem persists, you have to go to a dentist.


Clove oil is considered to be one of the most effective natural treatments for soothing toothaches. You can apply the oil directly on the painful area or chew the cloves, making sure to keep the paste on the painful area.

Warm salt water

Mix a little salt in warm water and rinse your mouth with it 4 times a day. The mixture has antiseptic effects and will help relieve dental problems. It is especially effective if you have inflamed or painful gums.


Clean a garlic clove and apply it over the painful area. Then chew the garlic for two minutes so that its juice gets to the tooth where the pain comes from. If the pain persists, you can repeat this process once or twice.


People have been using iodine to successfully purify drinking water for a very long time, as it is known to kill bacteria — which makes it great for treating wounds which are exposed to bacteria. Take a Q-tip and soak it in Iodine, and place it on the tooth that hurts. Leave it there for about 2-3 minutes then properly rinse your mouth with water. It may hurt a little, but this treatment provides amazing results.

Lemon juice

Extremely rich in Vitamin C and very useful in maintaining good oral health, lemon juice has many antiseptic properties which are known to successfully aid in killing bacteria and relieving various pains such as toothaches. Simply cut a slice of lemon and apply it on the aching tooth — you can also bite down on the slice a little, to get more juice out of it. Let it sit there for about 2-3 minutes, and the pain should start to wear off.

Black tea

As surprising as it may sound, black tea can be extremely effective in relieving tooth pains. It contains plenty of antioxidants which will kill the bacteria affecting your teeth, while making the area less inflamed. Simply place a warm, wet bag of black tea on the aching tooth, and hold it there for a few minutes. Just as with the lemon, you can gently bite down on the tea bag for improved effects.

All of the above mentioned methods have been known to work well in relieving tooth ache. However, not all people are the same, and some of them might work better for you, while others not so much. It’s important to test them and see whichever resonates best with your body and helps you more. Nevertheless, if the issue seems to persist, you shouldn’t attempt to treat it yourself, it’s much better to consult a dentist. Oral health is extremely important and it shouldn’t be neglected.

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