Beauty Secrets & Tricks from Old Hollywood

Even today we can open heartedly admit that when looking to the photo shootings and movies of the old Hollywood’s famous female stars, we’re left astonished. I think everyone should ask themselves how could these girls manage to stay so beautiful, especially in times when we didn’t have so many beauty treatment methods – not even mentioning surgeries.

Nowadays it’s easier to change our looks almost entirely, but the divas from back then would use some unique tricks to get those big, beautiful lips, high cheekbones, soft and tender skin and great hair. The result was the perfect, natural looks. Let’s explore some of their secrets now!

Marilyn Monroe

Who can ever forget the sex symbol of the 1950-60s? The fact that she is being talked about even today is proof that her unbelievable beauty will forever remain in history. Judging from today’s so much exaggerated beauty standards, one can’t say that she was a perfect woman; but nonetheless she was certainly the type of woman that would take away a man’s breath away. A small girl with perfect lines, an hourglass body, forever-red lips and cat eyes. Who could ever resist her?

Although there was no Botox in that period, Marilyn always managed to have those big, beautiful lips. The secret? She would always wear 5 different layers of lipstick. Darker towards the edges and lighter towards the center, and the final step was applying a layer of lip gloss. Today we have a wide range of glosses that can make your lips bigger that you can choose from, and actually quite affordable. You can choose products that contain natural substances, that stimulate blood flow and give you amazing lips – all this without Botox!

Elizabeth Taylor

A one of a kind type of beauty, she stole our hearts with her role in Cleopatra, but mostly with her “purple” natural eyes, believed to be the most stunning ones throughout Hollywood. She would always put a lot of accent on her eyes, knowing they were one of her biggest assets.

She always had another secret, which was having an extremely clean and smooth skin. She would shave her facial skin often and do frequent exfoliation treatments, followed by a thorough hydration process. Believe it or not, she would shave her facial hair with a razorblade. Nowadays we have the laser, and also various natural masks that remove facial hair.

Rita Hayworth

She used to have a beautiful hair, with a lot of volume and a beautiful ginger color. But did you know it wasn’t her natural color? Her hair was actually a bit darker, and she had to bleach it in order to gain that wonderful shade. Her secret was that she would bleach her hair and dye her roots once every 3 days. This might sound dangerous for the health of your hair, but however she showed no signs of dry, shapeless hair. There were no special hair hydration treatments back then. So, Rita used to apply a hair mask made from warm olive oil mixed with lemon juice, and to keep it applied for about 15 minutes.

Her beautiful bright face would make anyone smile, and even today we would wonder how could someone have such a bright aspect. The secret? Electrolysis! She underwent a few sessions, in order to raise her hairline.

Of course, some of these tricks were healthier, some less healthy. We wouldn’t recommend testing all of them, as nowadays we have so many different means of achieving the same results with different facial masks, hair treatments, matte lipsticks and – if your budget allows it – even surgeries.

Which of these divas is your favorite?

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