10 Factors You Should Consider When Starting a Fat Loss Diet Plan

Is today one of those days where you’ve decided ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ and that you need to trim that layer of fat off your body? I’m sure you’ve done your diet plan research and have concluded on the foods to eat, exercises to do and regimens to follow.

The dos and don’ts are at your palms, you can write your own diet plan book right? Nevertheless, I would like to add on a few things just before you embark on your dieting journey.

  1. Calorie weaning should be done in moderation

The focal point of almost all diet plans is to cut back on those calories. But before you go overboard, remember that there should be a minimum level of daily calorie intake to prevent a relapse, ending up gaining weight instead of losing it.

  1. Low carb and high protein diets isn’t always the best plan

These will seem like the best diet plans to opt for as the results will be visible on that weigh scale. We tend to turn a blind eye on the logic behind those low carb, high protein diet plans. These foods simply cause a significant drop in fluids within your body and a consequent drop of weight due to excess fluids mop up. Moreover, these kind of diet plans bring more risks like high cholesterol levels and loss of calcium.

  1. Balance your food, avoid fat free foods

Whenever we read fat free, our minds trick us into thinking its calorie free and this may be the reason why our trolleys get stacked with fat free stuff. I hate to break it to you – these foods may be stripped off the fat but it’s fortified with carbs to replace them.

  1. Don’t starve yourself by skipping meals

It may feel like the easiest way to cut down on your calories but it’s actually the opposite. Letting yourself go hungry is like trying to suppress air in a balloon, once you let it out, it comes out in full force. The less you eat on a meal, the more you’ll be tempted to eat on the next one. Not only you will not see the results you wish, but it can also lead to health problems.

  1. Look long term, not next month

This is a common mistake that beginners do, which often makes them quit early. Like everything else in life, planning and sticking to a predetermined style have been shown to work wonders.

  1. Burning calories is hard work

It’s not always about hitting the gym if you need to burn off those calories. Engaging in daily chores, walking home or riding your bike rather than taking that bus, walking up and down those stairs than rather than taking an elevator are just a few examples. By being active all day and indulging in outdoor activities you love can be a smart way of burning calories and streamlining that waist line.

  1. Quick fixes

If you are dieting simply because your wedding is in a couple of months’ time, you are looking for a quick fix. Like all temporary solutions, it doesn’t last.  It is common knowledge that all short term diet plans meant for “fixing” things are low carbs. This kind of diet plans simply drain your body of fluids and trick you into thinking that you are losing weight while in the real sense, you still have fats in your body.

  1. Weighing scale never lies

There may be a point during the process where you may actually weigh more than you used to. This is because of the new muscle mass weight. In time, you will continue losing the unnecessary fat and you will eventually reach the weight you want. Therefore, don’t be discouraged by those never lying weigh scale numbers.

  1. Don’t restrict yourself to three meals per day

Don’t confine yourself to only three meals and nothing in between. This makes us more vulnerable to eating heartily during meals as opposed to when we have smaller portion of meals throughout the day. It maintains our sugar levels at optimum which prevents us from overeating.

  1. My take on diet plan supplements

When it comes to dietary plans, food supplementation is often in the equation. I beg to differ. If you eat healthy and balanced meals, there’ll be no need to resort to such often expensive supplements as your body will after all be getting the right amount of nutrition.

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